The Highland Bookshelf


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  • The Highland Bookshelf
  • The Highland Bookshelf
  • The Highland Bookshelf

Our Highland Bookshelf bookshelf is composed of two pieces. Set them up separately on the floor or with the larger piece on the wall and the smaller on the floor. Simply remove the tops of the smaller piece and they become one, with the tops storing beautifully on the back of the larger piece. The shelves are made with black walnut veneer and a painted wood exterior. The feet and adjoining parts are made with walnut hardwood. This two-piece design offers maximum flexibility. The shelf works wonderfully in an entry hallway, in a living room, as a room divider, or in any other location that suits your fancy and/or the particular layout of your space.

Detail and Dimensions:

  • 60 3/4" width x 10 1/2" depth x 52 1/2" height 
  • Finished on all sides
  • Color: white
  • Veneer can be: walnut, cherry or ash
  • Finish: shellac, lacquer
  • Base to floor: 2"
  • Product origin: Los Angeles
  • Three to four weeks for fabrication
  • One week for delivery