The Paramount Media Console


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  • The Paramount Media Console
  • The Paramount Media Console
  • The Paramount Media Console
  • The Paramount Media Console
  • The Paramount Media Console
  • The Paramount Media Console

Our Boxcar Media Cabinet (Second Configuration, Opening Right) offers an elegant solution to the oh-so modern problem of household media clutter. Guided by the George Nelson edict of simplicity, we offer a unified and orderly home for the full range of your entertainment and media devices and materials. Our media hub (a self-contained power and USB port) enables you to plug all of your devices into one concealed spot while just a single cord escapes neatly from the back. The top of the cabinet opens to reveal our secret turntable dock, which is perfect for housing (and charging) a computer and/or Iphone out of sight while the surface of your cabinet remains clutter-free. Subtle yet high tech, this piece is made with the highest craftsmanship and touch-release hardware.



Quality is our first consideration in choosing materials for our designs. Many people gravitate toward hardwood when considering a piece of furniture, but hardwood, while beautiful and natural, may not be the best material for certain applications. It also can add considerable cost to a project and may not be the most ecological choice. For instance, the outside of our media cabinet is made with a no-added formaldehyde classic-core plywood. The outside of the plywood is perfect for painting while the interior retains its integrity for screws and dowels. Because hardwood moves when painted, lines can pop-up in the finish. The doors are made with applied veneer, which itself is a thin layer of hardwood (and ecologically responsible). The base is made with walnut hardwood. 

All of our items are made to order and we take great pride in hand-picking our materials and having a master-craftsman see the project through from beginning to end. Please allow three to four weeks for fabrication and one week for delivery. 

Detail and Dimensions:

  • 64 3/4" width x 20 3/4" depth x 24 3/4" height 
  • Finished on all sides
  • Color: walnut 
  • Inquire about custom colors 
  • Finish: shellac base, lacquer final coat
  • Product origin: Los Angeles
  • Three to four weeks for fabrication
  • One week for delivery